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Building a Culture to Win

Building a Culture to Win:

Expanding the Frontier of Human Achievement

Building a Culture to Win inspires teams to top performance while drawing on proven lessons from some of the Navy’s most elite teams and training programs, the Blue Angels and TOPGUN as well as referencing other elite teams across different disciplines and how they use similar methodologies to win.

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Brand Echonomics

Brand Echonomics:

Building a Message That Matters

A cluttered media landscape makes it difficult to have your message heard. Even more difficult is making your message something people want to hear. We are constantly bombarded, so it’s now a natural instinct to push messages away or ignore them altogether. Jeff Brady knows that every brand has the potential to become legendary, and he walks you through how to make it happen for your business. Authenticity matters. Word of mouth is back!

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Competing With Technology Strategy

Reboot is a how-to book for anyone who wants to build a technology strategy in a business world driven by innovation. There is a better way to think strategically about technology and a better way to deliver on it. This book is a guide for executives who want to Reboot their IT strategy. As founders of Thought Ensemble™, an IT strategy firm, Lisa and Jim dedicate themselves to transforming the way companies leverage IT investments.

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   Favorite Biographies & Memoirs


Life on The Trampoline:

Going From We to Me

Most of us probably think of trampolines in a positive light, but imagine what it would be like if you were stuck on one and simply couldn’t get off.

That’s the situation Mary Margaret Denson found herself in when, at age forty-eight, her husband of twenty-six years died of kidney cancer. Life on the Trampoline: Going from “We” to “Me” tells how Mary survived her husband’s death and learned to face her own uncertain future with grace, hope, and humor, all while bouncing on the proverbial trampoline.

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Well Seasoned

Well Seasoned:

Savoring Life's Lessons

Avid traveler and accomplished nature photographer Rebecca Webb Wilson chronicles the seasons of life illuminated by her unconventional and uplifting philosophy in this collage of photographs and essays.

Pairing carefully crafted words (in enlarged text for senior eyes) with more than 100 luminous, full-color images, Wilson savors the clarity that time and experience make possible for all who journey.

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The Global Red Circle

The Global Red Circle:

Standing in Truth, Unleashing Our Most Powerful Selves

The Global Red Circle represents a community of women who pledge to respect and nurture themselves, and their sisters worldwide, in order to fulfill their true calling.

This collection of twenty heartfelt, compelling, and life-affirming letters are written by and about women, and reflect the power the Global Red Circle movement has to effect change and improve the lives of women everywhere.

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Eaten By The Tiger

Eaten By The Tiger:

Surrendering to an Empowered Life

When a surgeon goes to the operating room, one would never consider that the surgeon might not be the one to come out alive. While saving a patient’s life, Dr. Emile Allen barely escaped being electrocuted and had a near-death experience. Before he came back to life, he heard a voice clearly say to him: "I'm not ready for you yet. You have more work to do. "This is a true story of a transformative journey of self-discovery. The course of events provided Dr. Allen the answers to questions most people spend an entire lifetime asking: “Is that it? Is that what life is all about?”

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Surrounded By Thunder

Surrounded By Thunder:

The Story of Darrell Loan and the Rocketmen

During the twelve years between the launch of the Russian Sputnik and American boots on the moon, Darrell Loan's exploits along with those of his engineering friends, and renowned aeronautical colleagues, are pushed to the limits as the golden age of space exploration rises from the launch complexes of Cape Canaveral and Cape Kennedy, Florida. This adventure is based on actual events.

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   Favorite Lifestyle Books


Eating Light Done Right:

Simply Sinless Recipes from the Single Mom Next Door

The stories Tania shares are the true confessions of a reformed emotional eater who is trying to balance single motherhood with hectic everyday life. Tania cooks with common sense by dropping the fat and calorie content from her recipes and substituting healthy alternative ingredients in their place. The result is eating light, done right.

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Engagement Diet

The Engagement Diet:

Fit to be Tied

This book is a powerful his-and-her guide that teaches couples to build a solid relationship to food and fitness as they focus on starting a lifelong relationship with each other. Engaged couples will be inspired to complete this twelve week program and accomplish something together before they get married, ultimately building a foundation for their future.

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Timely messages presented to the right readers will sell books.

Book covers sell books. Make certain that an experienced graphic artist designs your cover.

Before you can sell your book, there are compliance requirements that must be fulfilled.

Printed books must be numerically identifiable and priced to sell.

For books to get noticed, authors must actively market their books.