Hands-on Guidance

From developing your manuscript to promoting your published book, we provide the guidance you need.

how to begin

   How to Begin

Do you want to leverage your expertise as a business professional and build a platform as an expert in your field?

Do you have a personal story to tell that will inspire others to reflect and act on your message?

If so, we can help bring your ideas to life through a consultative, step-by-step process designed to foster your success as a published author.

   The Process

We start with a free consultation to hear and discuss your ideas for a book, answer fundamental questions about the publishing process, and gather the necessary information to prepare a proposal.

Next, we create a proposal that is custom-tailored to your needs. Some authors want to be hands-on in the writing and editing process and in developing a promotional strategy for their book. Others look to us for ghostwriting, structural editing, marketing consulting and other services.

Finally, we develop a project plan and begin to bring your book to life!

Ready to take the next step?

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Publishing Facts You Need To Know

Authors should always retain the rights to their work!

Timely messages presented to the right readers will sell books.

Book covers sell books. Make certain that an experienced graphic artist designs your cover.

Before you can sell your book, there are compliance requirements that must be fulfilled.

Printed books must be numerically identifiable and priced to sell.

For books to get noticed, authors must actively market their books.