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We know what questions to ask, how to avoid common pitfalls and come with solutions to bring your book to life.



Writing a book is a labor of love, and becoming intimate with the details of your book project is our first priority.

Tailoring your message to reach a wide audience is paramount. Our proven strategies will allow you to leverage your book, and brand, to establish credibility with your audience.

Publishing a book is a complex process. Our team of highly skilled professionals remains accessible throughout the entire process to provide advice and guidance when you need it most.

Here are a few of the services we provide:

  Pre-Planning Strategy Session

There is no better time to leverage your expertise through a published book to establish tremendous credibility for yourself, your brand and your business. To do that effectively, you must develop a strategy to drive your plan forward. Our clients call us the Platform Publisher because we understand strategic planning and execute in a way that keeps them coming back.

  Content Development and Ghostwriting

Part of our service includes developing your content in a way that engages the reader. For those who have yet to draft a manuscript, our talented ghostwriters are available to gracefully pen your entire book from a mere concept to a marketable, and eagerly sought after, publication.

  Book Editing and Content Refinement

Our team provides quality editing to create the highest level of readability. We offer three levels of editing, depending on your needs. All content is edited and refined to your satisfaction, which is usually accomplished in three rounds or less.

  Book Cover Graphic Design

We are known for creating imaginative and artful covers for your book that capture media attention and set your book and your brand apart. No one understands better than Inspire On Purpose that book covers sell books!

  Interior Page Graphic Design and Layout

Preparing a book for the printed page requires a combination of artful design and architectural understanding. We have a talented team of designers who understand that presentation is everything. Crafting a fine publication should not stop at the book cover.

  Printing Management, ISBN, LLC and Copyright

Our skilled project team ensures quality print production to specification, including the implementation of compliance requirements that must be fulfilled in order for you to begin selling your books in the marketplace.

  Distribution Strategy and Services for Print and eBooks

We offer warehousing and expanded sales distribution through all the major retailers and wholesalers, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes. If you also wish to sell books from your website, we can provide a fulfillment service to pack and ship those orders for you.

  Book Promotion and Marketing Plan

You may have the greatest book of all, but without the right tools in place to let people know about it, you’ll get nowhere fast. We develop a marketing footprint for your book to create buzz, drive business, and get you noticed by millions of potential customers. Additionally, our PR service can expand that footprint even further by pitching you to thousands of different major media personnel each week, including national TV, radio, magazine, and online bloggers. You can count on us for guaranteed know-how to take your book to market.

By knowing what questions to ask, we make an otherwise complicated process smooth and seamless, and provide solutions that bring your book to life.

Our promotional methods are derived from the most innovative practices in the industry, and are geared to drive sales and improve your return on investment.

We care about your book project, and it shows. Don’t put off your dream. We can help you get started right away.

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Publishing Facts You Need To Know

Authors should always retain the rights to their work!

Timely messages presented to the right readers will sell books.

Book covers sell books. Make certain that an experienced graphic artist designs your cover.

Before you can sell your book, there are compliance requirements that must be fulfilled.

Printed books must be numerically identifiable and priced to sell.

For books to get noticed, authors must actively market their books.